The services I can provide as a Security Consultant are as follows:


New work

Advise you on all aspects of new security for an existing property or a new build. I can provide written information to allow you to obtain similar quotations from more than one company.

If required, when quotations have been received, I can advise on the way forward. If you wish, when a supplier has been chosen, I can liaise directly with them until the job is completed to your satisfaction.


Existing systems

I can advise on all aspects of an existing security installation: for example, is it installed as specified, in good working order and where might it be improved?

I can examine existing systems from a financial point of view: are you paying too much and are you getting value for money? Has the service or repair work being carried out properly, was it necessary and is the invoice reasonable? Have you paid for the repair work more than once – maybe it wasn’t repaired correctly the first time. If we were talking about a leaking roof it would be pretty obvious but with electronic security it is not always easy. Just contact me: I can help you.


Organisations and individuals who should consider using my services are:

Councils and large organisations with multiple properties: in need of an overall view and a way forward; with the aim of better security; saving money and simplification.

Architects seeking the correct security design for their projects, before they go out to tender: this results in the client receiving the correct security on the best terms, as all tenders will be to the same specification.

Discerning Individuals who need the best security but also require ease of use and a carefully installed system with particular attention and sensitivity to existing d├ęcor. The finished system needs to suit your individual lifestyle and blend with the property. It should be functional but discreet. The system should work around you, not vice versa.